How to Bake a Level Cake Layer

Cake Tin Strips

Baking a cake layer that comes out next to perfect, with no cracked dome on top and  ready to decorate will save you the time it takes to cut the dome off with a knife or one of those cake slicing tools, which can become quite time consuming if you have several layers to do. Instead, why not try some […]

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9 Steps To Setting Up A Kiosk

Mall Kiosk

Setting up a kiosk at your local mall is a good way to get your cake baking business of the ground. Start small and if it goes well, expand when the time is right. The cost of leasing a kiosk in a mall is a considerably smaller investment compared to leasing a permanent store which also comes with lots of […]

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Cake Order Form Template


A written contract is a legal document between two parties. If you are trying to start up any kind of business, one document you will need is contracts. A contract is a way to cover your back in case of any loss due to the customer backing out of a deal. I read a post recently on the internet, written by a […]

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The Best Buttercream Icing Ever!


This traditional buttercream recipe is one of our favorites for taste and versatility. Unlike most icings, buttercream is softer and more spreadable. You can use it for icing cakes, piping borders, writing or even making flowers. If you prefer a pure white look, prepare the buttercream with all shortening instead of butter. If you do choose to use all shortening […]

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